Clinical Trials

Phase 1 Oncology Research

Phase 1 Clinical Trials

NEXT Oncology is dedicated to the advancement of Phase 1 cancer research through clinical trials of anticancer agents with the goal of providing innovative developments in cancer treatment. 

Clinical trials bridge the gap between research and effective cancer treatment. Clinical trials serve as the foundation of all cancer treatment and a chance for cancer patients to access the latest cancer treatment. Despite continual advancements, only 3% of patients participate in clinical trials due to misinformation from their providers; in many cases clinical trials may be the most promising option. 

Many of the cancer treatments undergo testing years before they are offered in clinical trials, which typically consist of four phases. This allows for doctors to evaluate different aspects of the anticancer agents on patients, through-out each phase. Directed by world renowned cancer researcher, Dr. Anthony Tolcher, each new trial is an opportunity to provide a breakthrough in cancer development. 

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