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The agreement between NEXT Oncology and Quirónsalud Group established a research program that provides the highest possible number of early phase clinical trials in Spain, with locations in Barcelona and Madrid. It also offers quality, safety, and specialized care to patients enrolled in the trials, while thereby ensuring top-notch scientific rigor and creating opportunities to translate research findings to routine clinical practice.

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Dr. Josep Tabernero, who founded the IOB Institute of Oncology in Barcelona, coordinates both units. NEXT Oncology – Barcelona is in the Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona and headed by site coordinator Dr. Elena Garralda. The opening of the two units boosts continued research activity and creates a great opportunity to promote clinical research in Spain.


Dr. Garralda is a medical oncologist and clinical investigator who focuses her research on targeted agents, early drug development, translational research, and immunotherapies. She received her medical degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and completed her medical oncology specialization at the Hospital Universitario Madrid. Dr. Garrlda also earned a Master’s degree in molecular oncology from the Centro de Estudios Biosanitarios Madrid.

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Developing a new drug is a complex undertaking. Before a drug can be brought to market, there must be proof that it is safe, that it has an impact on the disease, and that this impact offers patients added benefits over existing treatments. Early phase clinical trials therefore allow patients to be treated with novel drugs that are potentially more effective and better tolerated.

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