NEXT Oncology Gives Patient Her Life Back with Clinical Trials 

P53, guardian of the genome, prevents solid tumor growth

(SAN ANTONIO) June 10, 2022 –– Lindalou Trevino was the first patient to enroll in clinical trial PC14586, and because of the success of this new drug, she has renewed hope and a new lease on life.

PC14586 is a first-in-class, oral, small molecule p53 reactivator that is selective for the p53 Y220C mutation in solid tumors. Data presented at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting held June 3-7 in Chicago titled, “First-in-human study of PC14586, a small molecule structural corrector of Y220C mutant p53, in patients with advanced solid tumors harboring a TP53 Y220C mutation,” found the Phase 1/2 trial of PC14586 to be safe and well-tolerated.

Dr. Anthony Tolcher, CEO and founder of NEXT Oncology, is a clinical investigator on the study. He said this targeted therapy is the first meaningful way to target p53 mutations. According to the data presented, a wide variety of patients with solid tumors linked by p53 benefit from the precision medicine that leaves them feeling well enough to get back to enjoying life.

“p53 plays an important role in cancer because it is essential for regulating DNA repair and cell division, and it has been nicknamed the ‘guardian of the genome,’” said Dr. Tolcher. “By stopping cells with mutated or damaged DNA from dividing, p53 helps prevent the development of tumors.”

Trevino was first diagnosed with omentum cancer in 2008. After a radical hysterectomy, she was in remission for nearly 10 years. In 2017, she was referred to Dr. Tolcher after she no longer responded to all standard therapies for her endometrial cancer. Her doctor had a tumor genetics test performed and she had the p53 Y220C mutation.

“When I learned about this trial, I was ready to get started because it offered me a new hope,” Trevino said. “I haven’t been able to take a trip with my family for years to due cancer treatments and the side effects. But I just got back from a beach to South Padre Island and am still feeling great.” 

Trevino remains the longest patient enrolled on this trial, and after nearly two years of treatment, she is back to living her life despite the cancer and remains hopeful.

Trevino’s daughter, Debbie Esteves was a little more hesitant because she didn’t understand the research process and her limited knowledge led her to believe it just an experiment.

“We had no other recourse,” Esteves said. “We had tried everything known to work and it wasn’t working. These trials gave my mom a second chance at hope. Dr. Tolcher is so positive, and we felt comfortable right away. They will find the one that fits, that works against your cancer.”

Trevino, 75, has been on several trials since 2017. She said being on trial PC14586 makes life with cancer livable because it’s a simple pill she can take at home and has no side effects. She travels to San Antonio from Elmendorf every three weeks to see her doctors at NEXT Oncology.

“I’m hoping it will continue to work, but if it doesn’t, I will certainly try another trial,” said Trevino.


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