Dr. Anthony Tolcher

NEXT Oncology Selects proXimityTM to Automate Data Transfer for Clinical Trials

System will accelerate performance evaluation of new drugs in early phase research for cancer patients.

(SAN ANTONIO) October 17, 2022 –– NEXT Oncology has selected proXimityTM as the exclusive tool to automate the transfer of clinical trial data from their electronic medical record (EMR) to the electronic data capture (EDC) systems used by sponsor organizations doing clinical trials with NEXT Oncology. This will accelerate the performance of new therapies in clinical trials for patients with cancer. 

proXimityTM is an innovative cloud-based software platform that accelerates the transfer of clinical trial subject data from multiple electronic medical records (EMR) to the sponsor’s electronic data capture systems (EDC).  Typically, this data is transcribed manually by data management employees from the EMR to the EDC, which is time-intensive and error-prone. proXimityTM automates this process and transfers the data from one system to another without the need for manual transcription, dramatically reducing the time needed to transfer data while eliminating transcription errors.  

“NEXT Oncology is dedicated to the advancement of new anti-cancer therapies through early phase clinical trials with the goal of providing innovative developments in cancer research and treatment,” said Anthony Tolcher, MD, founder of NEXT and renowned cancer researcher. “This is the future of data transfer, and we are embracing it! We are using proXimityTM today for many of our studies and we are realizing the benefits as we are delivering the data more quickly with less errors to our sponsors.  This tool is necessary to speed up clinical trial data management as well as assist our sponsors in gaining access to their data so we can accelerate cancer research. We want to bring new therapies to cancer patients faster.”  

In a recently conducted pilot study using proXimityTM to transfer data from the EMR to the EDC, the data transfer using proXimityTM was 5 times faster than manual entry and the data was transferred error free compared to 3.5 % manual entry. 

In 2023, NEXT Oncology will utilize proXimityTM on all studies that utilize Medidata Rave as the EDC.


About NEXT Oncology

NEXT Oncology is dedicated to the development of new anticancer agents for patients whose current cancer therapy is no longer working to benefit them and are looking for their next option. NEXT is partnered with

Texas Oncology, the largest private oncology practice in the United States with more than 400 referring oncologists and US Oncology, a network of independent, community-based oncologists in the U.S. This formidable size and reach provide NEXT unprecedented opportunities to transform what has come to be expected from clinical trials of new agents. 

About Equicare Health

Equicare Health is the industry’s leading provider of comprehensive care coordination solutions for oncology. EQUICARE CS™ (ECS) is a multi-facility web-based software tool that facilitates patient engagement including patient reported outcomes, patient navigation, survivorship care and a several other clinical tools.  Proximity is a tool set designed to automate data transfer between EMRs and EDCs in support of sponsored clinical trials.