Teon Therapeutics Announces First Patient Treated in Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial of TT-816, a Novel Oral Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor, in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors

SAN FRANCISCO, November 1, 2022 – Teon Therapeutics (Teon), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company targeting metabolic signaling pathways and pioneering the development of G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) immuno-oncology therapies in difficult-to-treat cancers, today announced that the first patient has been treated in its Phase 1/2 clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of TT-816, an oral CB2 receptor antagonist acting as an immune checkpoint inhibitor while promoting T cell infiltration of cold tumors and stimulating NK cell tumor killing. 

The study (NCT05525455) is an open-label, first-in-human multiple ascending dose and dose-expansion study evaluating TT-816 administered orally as a monotherapy in Phase 1 and, in Phase 2, as a monotherapy and in combination with a PD-1 inhibitor. The study will include patients with advanced solid tumors with high unmet medical need who have not responded to the standard-of-care and may have no more treatment options.

“The initiation of our Phase 1/2 trial of TT-816 is an important step in our mission to invent new hope for patients by providing meaningful treatments to those with few remaining alternatives. It’s our hope that TT-816 represents a new option for these patients who haven’t been served by current immunotherapies,” said Serge Messerlian, Chief Executive Officer of Teon. “Supported by strong preclinical data, we believe TT-816 has unique mechanisms of action that go beyond current checkpoint inhibitors by enhancing both T cell and NK cell antitumor immunity, preventing broad-based T cell exhaustion, synergizing antitumor effects with current immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies, and directly promoting T cell infiltration into solid tumors.”

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