Sharon T. Wilks, MD, FACP

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Dr. Sharon T. Wilks is a valuable member of the Phase 1 Clinical Investigation Team. She focuses on research and advancement in the treatment of breast cancer with more than 32 years of research and clinical experience as a hematologist and medical oncologist. Dr. Wilks has been involved in breast cancer research since her early career in the Air Force. …

Ildefonso Ismael Rodriguez, M.D.

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Medical Oncologist and Clinical Investigator Dr. Rodriguez is a Phase 1 clinical investigator at NEXT Oncology in San Antonio, Texas. He is board-certified in internal medicine, hematology, and medical oncology. He leads multiple clinical trials at NEXT and is thrilled to offer clinical trial options for the diverse community of San Antonio. One of his goals is to expand patient …

Dr. Sommerhalder

David Sommerhalder, M.D.

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Dr. David Sommerhalder specializes in and is board certified in medical oncology and hematology and is also board certified in internal medicine. He works at NEXT Oncology San Antonio as an investigator on numerous clinical trials, where he helps to find additional treatment options for patients who otherwise may be out of options. He does this with the ultimate goal …

Dr. Anthony Tolcher

Anthony W. Tolcher, M.D., FRCPC, FACP

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Dr. Anthony Tolcher is a medical oncologist and co-founder of NEXT Oncology. He is dedicated to the development of new anticancer agents — including clinical trials and therapies — for patients looking for their next option now that their current cancer therapy is no longer working to their benefit. Dr. Tolcher is proud that the NEXT Oncology team scours the …